International disputes are increasing dramatically as businesses expand into foreign markets to compete in the global economy. Litigating across national borders is often legally complex and raises novel or unusual challenges with regard to choice-of-law and forum. It requires experience to coordinate and implement an effective litigation strategy. The centerpiece of Sharma & DeYoung’s practice is its international legal practice including international litigation and commercial law.

Our firm’s founding attorney, Rajan Sharma, has more than fifteen years of experience in international law and litigation, and has the training and skills necessary to handle the unique dimensions of international litigation and effectively represent clients in cross-border disputes. Sharma & DeYoung attorneys have prevailed in multimillion dollar and even billion dollar international legal disputes against some of the most well-reputed and established law firms in the world.

International litigation is unrestricted in almost every sense — geographically, legally and linguistically — and may be difficult to predict both substantively and procedurally. Through our experience and strategic expertise in this area, Sharma & DeYoung attorneys help a wide array of clients from all over the world effectively manage or prevent international and foreign disputes.

Our goal is to exert control over the international dispute process, assess the risks and provide solutions. We counsel and represent clients regarding potential international disputes before litigation is initiated. This includes tailoring specific arbitration and mediation clauses, selecting the best suitable forum and law, and protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights.

Sharma & DeYoung is sensitive to the special needs of its foreign and overseas clients. We have developed a successful record of collaborating with our clients’ foreign counsel and overseas law firms to coordinate and manage complex international legal disputes.
Members of our team are experienced in international litigation matters involving:

  • Act of State Doctrine
  • Alien Tort Claims Act
  • anti-suit injunctions
  • arbitration
  • commercial fraud
  • conflicts of law
  • dismissals for lack of jurisdiction
  • domestication and enforcement of foreign judgments
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • foreign distributorship/representative disputes
  • foreign employment and labor disputes
  • foreign government litigation
  • foreign property expropriation
  • Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
  • forum non conveniens doctrine
  • interim relief in aid of arbitration proceedings
  • international class actions
  • international intellectual property
  • international investigations
  • international mass torts
  • jury trials under foreign law
  • letters rogatory
  • prejudgment remedies abroad
  • RICO claims
  • service of foreign process

We have more than just the legal expertise required to fully understand our clients’ international disputes — we have the tenacity, enthusiasm and experience required to protect them as well. As always, proactive consultation with our experienced lawyers can assist in resolving a transactional or intellectual property dispute before it develops into a major international litigation in one or more fora.

Contact our attorneys for an initial consultation regarding your international legal needs.