Technology never stands still. The challenge for emerging companies and startups is charting the course necessary to bring new technologies to the market.

We are the counsel that technology leaders turn to for expertise and guidance in navigating the maze of intellectual property law and regulation, crafting a strategy for financing their growth with private equity, or negotiating the licenses and collaborations that will leverage the potential of their intellectual capital. We represent a diverse array of clients from pharmaceutical and biotech companies to dotcoms and information technology pioneers, from startups looking for their initial financing to emerging market leaders engaged in mergers or acquisitions.

S&D provides cradle to grave representation for startups, acting as a “virtual” general counsel to advise emerging com-panies from formation through the various stages of financing, all the while providing practical guidance in operational and governance matters. Our corporate and securities practice group offers “formative counseling” on issues unique to startups and can help establish strong legal foundations for their companies which enable them to secure the investor confidence that takes their enterprise to the next level of competition.

Our firm’s smaller size and dynamic style are well suited to representing young companies as they expand and require more sophisticated representation. In any number of areas, including employment, equity incentive arrangements, real es-tate, intellectual property, financing ar-rangements and dispute resolution, our lawyers assist clients in implementing scalable solutions that support and facili-tate their profitable growth.

We are entrepreneurs. Our firm offers special, deferred fee retainers to select clients so that they can partner with our firm and its network of connections among the private equity and venture capital worlds to address their needs for capital. S&D can customize alternative fee arrangements for our startup and emerging company clients so that they can access the legal expertise which is essential to their growth.

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