Sharma & DeYoung LLP is a full service law firm with attorneys located in New York and Connecticut. We offer cost-effective solutions to the legal challenges faced by businesses in evolving and fast-paced international markets. Our core practice is intellectual property and complex commercial litigation, with an extensive related practice in international transactions involving licensing or cross-licensing of patents, copyrights and trademarks. We have represented a broad array of clients in financial industries ranging from private equity firms and hedge funds to banks and private investors.

Sharma & DeYoung’s attorneys act as advisors and outside general counsel to a number of pharmaceutical companies as well as high technology firms. Our attorneys are experienced counselors and insightful litigators with legal expertise ranging from intellectual property and complex business transactions to commercial litigation, appellate advocacy and immigration law. Our attorneys have built a reputation for excellence on behalf of clients in the United States and around the world, including clients from the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Israel, France and India.

Our primary goal is to get our clients out of litigation and back to business without unnecessary expense. Litigation is not cheap. But our diverse array of expertise and relatively smaller size, coupled with lean staffing of cases and willingness to partner or outsource tasks where appropriate, gives us a cost advantage over many competitive firms. We thrive in strategies that manage costs by bringing cases to trial (or resolution) quickly. Our broad knowledge of IP issues also means we can recommend the most cost-efficient course of action rather than waste our clients’ resources on litigation when other options could bring about an equivalent result.

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Early intervention is often the key to success in litigation as well as matters involving intellectual property, including in the negotiation and drafting of agreements. Contact Sharma & DeYoung for a indepth analysis of your legal options.